Name: Dan
Location: NYC
Favorite Weapon: Bouncie
ARCers I admire: Fordus, Mage, Nano, Astrok, Ratix, Parrotman

I started playing ARC on WON in the summer of 2000 when my brother, Fordus, introduced me to the game. For years I joined various clans in order to improve. (To name some that greatly influenced my piloting skills today: XiN, mOd, aBc, TW, CB, LF). Being in college at the moment, my life really started getting intense. For that, and many other reasons concerning my ‘ARC situation’, I applied and was accepted to TBWA – where I plan on spending the rest of my time. As long as ARC leagues exist, Ominous will continue to haunt the ARC community and participate in these tournaments 😛