Quote – woot
Age – 17
Country – Australia
Fave Weapon – Missile
Fav Map – Blast-o-matic
Most Challenging Players – Doggy, Knight
Players i have Learned From – Guess, Etern
Player to watch – Identify
Funniest person on ARC – Cannon

Nano’s Online Bio (etern – underline that)(etern, dont put what i put in brackets in remember ;p )

This is going to be slightly long so dont be thinking, “I’ll do it once i finish reading this”..DO IT NOW!

I was introduced to ARC by Toxin, who i had known for a year before in another online game called BattleCity. I can actually remember the first map i played on, it was Castle Wars. Well i actually only really remember running around in the holding pins…

The first real good players i played were Toothpick and Guess. Guess whooped me with his missiles and was unnaturally nice about it, and Toothpick hammered me with lasers. Around this time i learnt to lag shoot, and i actually started to kill things.

Other memories of hfront were:
– when about 5 or more bunnies joined a game and basically dominated.
– when I met Eternity and learnt that I had much more to learn and to respect *TBWA*.
– nobody kicking lots of people.
– lots of people coming back in and saying “BADWORD you nob!”
– then nobody kicking those people again..:)

Now all these times were fun but I wasn’t really getting anywhere in terms of skill. So instead of running around the room like a rottweiler chasing its “tail” everytime Guess killed me, I watched him and i still am watching him to this day. (i am NOT watching you Astrok! hehe) (etern keep that brackets in, but not this one hehe)

APL 2007 – Total Games Played: 10 Seasonal – 3 Playoffs
APL 2006 – Total Games Played: 19
MLA 2005 – Total Games Played: 10