I first learned of ARC through an online friend during my Mech2/Mercs days. It was during the good old Hoopy days, and I started playing under the handle, “Achilles”. The years passed on, and ARC ended up on TEN, and after having known Yogizilla since HFront I decided to help him form the Nipples of Fate. I had a lot of fun in NoF, between clan chats, fun games, league games, and the times we shared on other gaming networks – these are definitely friends that I hold dear, as much as you can over the internet. About four years passed, and I began to feel a bit of stagnation with ARC in general. I decided after a lengthy service in NoF that I would try to rekindle the enjoyment with a change in allegiance.

Over the years, I had developed many friendships with individuals and clans other than NoF, however, I held few clans in the same regard as I did with TBWA. With very similar clan ideals and practices, I found that the clan change would be minimal with only the benefit of a new group of people. Thus, I contacted Wizard – who always tried to recruit me during his SiD/XM days – and took him up on his offer, albeit 3 years late. Both myself and TBWA wrapped things up quite quickly, and I was enlisted as the newest thin-walled, water spherical structure.

I found that TBWA was the breath of fresh air that I needed, and my perspective on ARC changed slightly. The age level of this clan was also very suitable – as the majority of the clan (myself included) is in the post-20 range. We all realize the importance of our offline lives, and place ARC simply as past-time away from home. This coincided perfectly with my 2nd year at university, where things really start to buckle down. So far, TBWA has been very good to me, and I’ve enjoyed myself immensly through chats, clan practices and league games. The Bubbles will have my continued service for the remainder of my time on ARC, or the remained of ARC’s time online – whichever is first :).

APL 2007 – Total Games Played: 7 Seasonal – 1 Playoff
APL 2006 – Total Games Played: 11
MLA 2005 – Total Games Played: 11 (Most Active Pilot)