Favorite Weapon: Missle
Least Fav Weapon: Bomb

Introduced and trained by: Nobody
Favorite Maps: Castle Wars, APL GO, Waterslide w/tube 😛

Best Player(s) on Arc: Bosh, Zap
Most Improved Players:
 Eternity, Nano
Funniest Person ever:Garet Jax (no longer plays)

When arc was first born, I was guided to Hfront by Nobody, being a newbie I had no clue on to what was going on.. about 30 minutes later I finally figured out how to join a map 🙂 … Then navigating I kept moving my mouse to the ends of the screen to get my guy to move! then I saw nobody pass me by.. by that time I had figured out clicking = shooting. lol.. I fired everything into nobody (at that time only knew how to shoot lasers) followed him around unloading everything I had into him.. thinking wow hes really good cant even kill him… didnt realize we were both green at that time:P