Favorite Weapon – Bouncies
Favorite Maps – Castle Wars, Golden Oldie

I came to ARC when there was only 1 map, the golden oldie. It took me weeks to figure out I had more weapons to use then lasers. All of the ships were similar in looks also, especially for a beginner, so you would see me running after my own teammates shooting them instead on accident. 🙁 After ARC gained more maps, I enjoyed playing in the death-o-matic, and especially castle wars.

TBWA (Tiny Bubbles With Attitude) was born in early hfront. Over time we have lost alot of members, but gained alot of great loyal ones. With the dedication of my bubbles we kept going strong, and soon invited many nice attitude skilled players. 

Some of us have been playing online games together for 20+ years now!!!!  We have a close bubble family and continue to grow and become stronger with every experience 🙂